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Class III Silencers / Suppressors

We carry SilencerCo silencers, which are state-of-the-art firearm silencers for a variety of hand guns, rifles, and even shotguns.  Silencers are legal in 39 states, and Tennessee is one of them.  






Silencers allow you to shoot without hearing protection and provide increased accuracy for your firearm.  If you are in a close quarters home protection situation, you will not have time to put on hearing protection.  Gun fire in close quarters can cause permanent hearing damage as well as disorientation.  A home protection weapon with a silencer will protect your hearing and increase your situational awareness.

Be aware that July 13th, 2016, ATF Rule 41P went into effect. Althougth you will still be able to obtain a silencer, the wait times will likely be longer and the rules around using a gun trust will change.  We will help you select the right silencer for your needs as well as help you with the application paperwork.

                  SilencerCo Maxim 9 - A fully integrated 9MM suppressed handgun

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