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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can buy a hand gun?

You must be a resident of Tennessee, and 21 years or older to purchase a hand gun, including hand gun ammunition.  A $10 (non-refundable) background check fee is charged by the TN Bureau of Investigation (TBI) for each hand gun purchase.

Who can buy a rifle or shotgun?

A resident of most states who is 18 years or older can purchase a rifle or shotgun, including ammunition.  A $10 (non-refundable) background check fee is charged by TBI for each long gun purchase.  A black powder gun (muzzle loader) can be purchased by a resident of most states who is 18 years or older.  A TBI background check is not required.

Do you do FFL transfers of guns?

For used guns, we charge a $50 transfer fee.  If you are purchasing a new gun, we encourage you to check with us first to see if we can get the gun for you at or near the same price, since shipping and handling and a transfer fee is usually involved.  If we cannot get the new gun you desire, we will accept an FFL transfer for a $50 transfer fee.  We do not accept transfers for new guns that we can acquire or are in our inventory.  The non-refundable TBI $10 background check fee is also collected with the transfer.

Do you Warranty the guns you sell?

The only warranties provided on new guns are by the manufacturers and are contained in each manufacturer's package.  If you experience a problem with a gun purchased from us, we will return the gun to the manufacturer for you if it is still within the warranty period.  Whatever the problem, we will work with you to get it resolved as quickly as possible. 

Do you work on guns?

We do not do gun repair.  We can refer you to local gunsmiths if you like.  We do mount optics on rifles and laser bore sight them if both are purchased from us.  This service is free.

Do you buy, sell, or trade used guns?

Yes, we will consider purchasing or offering a trade in value for a pre-owned gun.  We must see the gun to establish a price.  We do not do consignments.  There is no warranty provided with a pre-owned gun that is purchased from us.

Can I bring a gun into the store?

Yes, if you are bringing a gun into the store to sell or trade, just check with us at the front desk and let us know what you are bringing in.

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